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Our Programs

1) Youth Focused: Empowerment, Enablement, Enrichment, Creative expression, Artistic development and Cultural Identity Reinforcement.

2) Community Focused: Cultural promotion and appreciation, Local artist showcasing and development, local artisan promotion, cultural integration, cultural education and inclusivity. Charitable service, emergency assistance, community development.

3) Immigrant assistance and education: Assistance with cultural norms and requirements, Student Visa renewal assistance, Financial Education and cultural integration workshops.

4) Small Business Development and Assistance: Media services, promotional assistance and tool subsidization, professional development and networking.



Youth-focused Programs

This project will run from 6-8 weeks per cycle, with professional, experienced  instructors leading classes and workshops in

African Dance - Classes will be available for members and non-members who are interested in African dance, whether it is their first lesson or they are experienced dancers who have never explored this type of movement.  

We aim to increase the connection between body and mind, foster an appreciation for Afro-centric movement and music, and boost self- confidence. Our dance classes will also have elements of team building and networking as participants learn to see and treat each other as valued members of a group.

African Drumming - Experienced drummers from different African countries will share their talent and impart their skills upon participants, members and non-members.

African Arts - With art being an important part of African Culture, we will connect youth with artists from all mediums, encouraging them to find a sense of unity with their peers whilst encouraging individual expression. There will be space and time provided to explore their inner artist’s voice, under the guidance and instruction of Artists from the African-Canadian Community who wish to generously volunteer their time to these young ones.

Graphic Design - As the world continues to push technological evolution and innovation, it is imperative that our youth find their place in this computer-driven market. Classes in Graphic Design will arm our young participants with skills they would not otherwise have a chance to acquire without expensive course fees and access to  higher institutional education. Industry professionals will offer both virtual and in-person courses to introduce students to professional software and instruct them in the creation of drawings, logos, magazine layouts and other publication styles.  

Web Design - Participants will be offered the chance to learn how to design websites with user experience in mind, as well as how to structure the contents of these sites. There will be both in-person and virtual instruction on visual design, typography and image preparation for the web. While many adolescents dabble in web design for fun, learning the right methods with the most effective tools can increase self-sufficiency and self-belief, while arming them with a marketable and transferable skill.

Videography and Photography - Participants will be instructed in this beginner course that will be designed to accelerate the learning process through action-based lessons. Students will be educated in aperture, shutter speed, and ISO settings, color, light, and design Techniques, capturing motion in photos and more by professionals from the African diaspora.

Music Production - As more and more people begin their musical careers online, good production value and competent engineering serve to give artists an edge over other hopeful superstars. For black youth, particularly those of African and Caribbean descent, music has always been a safe way to express their emotions, putting joy, pain, frustration and hope to a beat that allows for a safe expression of feelings that may overwhelm them. Participants will be given the opportunity to learn the technical aspects of music production, including how sound is translated into audio signals, recording techniques, and effects such as reverb, delay, and compression.

Sound Engineering - For learners who want to take their musical skills to the next level or increase self-sufficiency and cut down on costs, we will also offer Sound Engineering classes where they will be taught  pre-production techniques, recording, editing, mixing and mastering, and other valuable skills all in a real music studio on site.


Community Programs

● Ottawa We Care Food drive program, that will continue to provide emergency food and supplies to low-income and impoverished members of the Ottawa community for as long as the need continues.This program was designed to help the most vulnerable citizens of Ottawa, those living in poverty and low income earners that have been negatively impacted by Covid-19. Our services are also available to community members with compromised immune systems,


or the elderly and disabled by providing them with food, essential personal and hygiene items and transportation assistance to get groceries and to medical appointments.

● AfroFest Ottawa: a free, yearly Music and Arts festival that showcases the best of African culture and entertainment in the nation’s Capital. This festival gives all Canadians a chance to experience the beauty and wonder of African culture and expression, promotes a sense of integration and representation for African Canadians, and celebrates a culture that is often misunderstood or undervalued. This festival highlights local artists who struggle to find opportunities to showcase themselves in the Ottawa music scene, and provides artisans of African fashion, goods and crafts with a chance to display their wares. There is also a place for authentic African cuisine food vendors and restaurants to promote their businesses, sample and sell their food. With live performances from both local and international artists, children's activities and fashion shows, this is a festival the whole family can enjoy.



Immigrant assistance and education

Assistance with cultural norms and requirements, Student Visa renewal assistance, Financial Education and cultural integration workshops.


Small Business Development and Assistance

Support Small Businesses.png

Media services, promotional assistance and tool subsidization, professional development and networking.

The Community Center will be a hub of Afro-Centric activity and education. All programs will be run out of this space and any virtual event will be hosted from the Center as well. The African-Canadian community will have a safe and clean, high tech space in which to learn, network, create and grow. Interested parties can register for membership, but the center will always be open to drop-ins or single use participants. Our goal is inclusivity in all matters, meaning that those who can afford to will pay membership fees, while those who cannot will be given the chance of a sliding scale payment or full fee subsidization. Inclusion also means that this space will be safe for all genders and forms of self-identity and expression, personal ability or disability, and orientations.

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