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Mission Statement:

Africa Live Canada seeks to enhance the lives of African Canadians through cultural enrichment, creative expression, and community development.

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If you wish to move mountains tomorrow, you must start by lifting stones today.

Our Mission

Who We Are:

Africa Live Canada is a youth driven not-for-profit organization that aims to positively impact Canadians of African descent in Ottawa. Established in 2016, this organization was created to address the needs of marginalized youth, recent immigrants, and other vulnerable communities in the Ottawa region. Africa Live Canada offers social programming geared toward empowerment and personal strength-building, based in cultural identity and integration, opportunity building and the exploration of creative expression. Africa Live Canada celebrates and promotes an inclusive and diverse blend of Canadian and African culture.

Africa Live Canada strives to be a place where people can come together to create, receive encouragement, support, and guidance, and find their place in the community. We aim to promote an inclusive and accepting environment where all abilities, genders, orientations, and identities are respected.



The purpose of the organization is to celebrate and promote African Canadian culture, art, and local businesses. Our main goal is to unite and empower the youth, especially those who have recently immigrated to Canada. We seek to create a platform where African Canadians can grow and excel personally and professionally. Africa Live Canada brings people together to create support networks to help newcomers integrate into Canadian society.

Organizational Core Values:

Authenticity: We will make genuine and consistent efforts to improve our community through our words and our actions.

Innovation: We will always strive to improve our methods of reaching, teaching, and assisting all members of our community and organization.

Creativity: We will encourage the exploration of personal and cultural artistic expression.

Inclusion: We will create a safe and welcoming space for people of all abilities, orientations, and identities, with accessible spaces and programming available to all.

Integrity: We will uphold organizational standards and serve as an example to our community and all participants and members.


Donations are welcome through E-transfer at

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